Mission Partners

Our Mission Partners are critical to sharing Gods Hope Blanket, prayer and love as they cover those we serve with Christ. We could not do this without them.

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Our Mission Partners, coming from different backgrounds, service organizations, large and small ministries, churches and individuals, share a love for Christ with a passion to reach people with His offering of Love and Hope.


They provide Hope Blankets and offer prayer to people who are discouraged, hurting, feeling helpless and need the hope that God's Word and Love can provide. The Hope Blanket gives our Mission Partners a way to offer dignity and comfort, open doors for developing new relationships, ease the immediate tensions or discomfort, and bring heartfelt love and healing.

Current Mission Partners:

  • MN Adult & Teen Challenge  (Drug & alcohol treatment center)

  • Inner City CRU (Homeless outreach)

  • East Gate Ministries  (Street ministry, Native American outreach)

  • Haven For Heroes   (Veterans homeless shelter)

  • The Dwelling Place   (Domestic abuse shelter)

  • Open Arms Native Missions  (Native American outreach)

  • A Victorious Warrior  (Honoring military, veterans and family members)

  • Metro Hope Ministries   (Drug & alcohol residential recovery program)

  • Healing House  (Women's drug & alcohol residential recovery program)

  • Damascus Way   (Reentry leadership and services)

  • Team Renewed  (Men & women transitioning from treatment or incarceration)

  • Micah House (Inpatient & outpatient drug treatment programs)

  • Twin City Recovery Project  (Recovery program for individuals)

  • Edith's House  (Homeless outreach to individuals and families)

  • RockHouse Ministries   (Teens & young women's recovery center)

  • Lakeside Academy  (Teen boys treatment center)

  • JCS Affective Sober Housing  (Women's sober living housing)

  • ICCM Life Center (Urban ministry outreach)

  • Payne Reliever Church  (Reaching East St. Paul communities)

  • Ruth House  (Community needs: shelter, meals, counseling, worship & more)

  • Lakes Life Care Center  (Women facing unplanned pregnancies)

  • Conquerors (Restoring hope to those hurting from past abortions)

  • Every Third Saturday  (Veterans daily support)

  • Terebinth Refuge  (Shelter of hope and healing for women)

  • ATCWW  (Women's Drug & alcohol treatment center)

  • Hope House   (Shelter for homeless teens)

  • Time to Revive Ministry  (Ministry outreach)

  • Inner City Churches   (Reaching the hurting and lost)

  • Sober Houses  (Women's housing in Twin Cities)

  • Senior Living  (Comforting seniors during difficult times)

  • Individuals led to share our Hope Blanket